7 Best WordPress Security Plugins in 2021

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Though WordPress has initiated some security measures at the right places, you have to ensure your own safety. You must not be feeling very secured under a common security thread that covers millions.

So, WordPress security plugins are exclusively designed to protect your website from malicious attempts and brute force attacks. But modern day security plugins go far beyond this limited scope. They also think about finding the weak points of your website together with file scanning, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, firewall establishment and notifying you of an ill intentioned attempt.

We have bunched up the best WordPress security plugins in the market for your eyes only. Get into the list and bring your peace of mind.


Wordfence Security Plugins

Wordfence is a well recognized security plugin in WordPress platform. It has a (WAF) system that blocks any suspected or malicious traffic. You can put a suspected IP on blacklist in real time. It will significantly reduce website loading time. Wordfence scans all codes including theme, plugin, SEO spam and other relevant files to maintain absolute site security.

It plays a vital role so that site passwords do not leak in any way. Hack attempts will be prevented and in the face of any such attempt, your site will remain live. Country blocking is a super useful feature of this plugin and you can block a country infamous for malicious attempts on your website.

 You can also defend against brute force attacks thanks to its two factor authentication. You can surely go for Wordfence as they have 150 million+ customers worldwide.


WordPress Security Jetpack

Are you truly worried about website security? If you are concerned, you are certainly not alone in the list. There are literally millions of website owners who are really tensed about it.

Well, 5 million+ website owners have placed their confidence on Jetpack. Let’s check out the reasons why this security plugin has garnered this much popularity. It is built by top class WordPress developers who are aware of the faultlines of a website by heart. These experts have mainly focused on the security issues they are very much acquainted with.

Jetpack ensures 24/7 premium security for your website. Real time backup is the most effective option of Jetpack as it preserves all data of your website for an unlimited period of time. So, you will never accidentally lose anything from your site.

 It defends against brute attacks, malicious login attempts, etc. Website loading time noticeably decreases upon activation of its site accelerator. Moreover, it brings you two step authentication, spam filtering and downtime monitoring options.

iThemes Security:

iThemes Security

Why do WordPress websites fall under maximum security threats? Usually, plugin vulnerability, weak password and coding related issues lead to this condition. iThemes Security strongly monitors all these common security holes and takes proper measures to prevent any untoward security breach.

iThemes Security is more than just a simple security plugin. It automatically scans the website on the basis of a predetermined schedule. You can create super strong passwords and set up a certain expiration date for the password as well.

Occasionally, spammers are grave threats for your website. This plugin will protect the website from spam attacks. 

You want to know about what your visitors are actually doing on the website. iThemes Security plugin is a great way to supervise the activities of your visitors in real time. In short, you can monitor when they are logging in or out, what they are editing and so on. 

Moreover, if you employ a contractor or editor, you can give them a certain time slot to work. After that they will automatically be logged out. This is certainly another wonderful thing you can do.



Why have we placed Sucuri among our top security plugin list? It grants DDOS, Malware protection and malware removal, blacklist removal at the same time. This is a WordPress free security plugin that allows malware scanning, website auditing and security notification.

 What if your website gets hacked? Can this plugin help you in such a situation? They promise to restore your website to its former state within a guaranteed six hour period. Their highly optimized CDN will introduce maximum speed for your website. 700000+ users are relying on this plugin for their website security and you can also follow their footsteps.



Loginizer is basically built for averting brute force attacks. They solve all problematic issues on hand via a highly professional security team. Passwordless login option gives you easy maintenance as well as customization facility. Login URL renaming is possible with Loginizer. 

But most importantly, you can block any suspicious ID on an instant. Admin user name is also changeable if you want. reCAPTCHA solidifies primary website security. Login challenge questions are a unique feature of this plugin as login attempts will face a barrage of security questions. IP misuse or abuse will promptly result in a warning message to your phone or email. 

As experts we can boldly say that you cannot afford to miss their 2FA via Email feature. If you are not comfortable with the mobile option, you may opt for email notifications only. They will send this 2FA notification via email. There are many other premium features that cannot be discussed within this short space. You must check it out.

Defender WordPress Security:

Defender WordPress Security

Defender WordPress Security is an updated security plugin. A plain look at the customer reviews can give you an extended idea on how this plugin is genuinely performing its security duties. To speak the truth, it is an awesome defender of your website. Bot IPs get detected instantly and it will block those IPs as well.

Suspicious as well as failed login attempts are also tracked and locks login options thereby. You can also block users targeting their locations. This plugin supports Google two step verification method. Defender WordPress Security scrutinises the whole website on a regular basis and recognizes major threats. Then it sends the report of those concerns via notification.

Shield Security:

Shield Security Plugins

Shield Security knows full well that you are really concerned about your website security. They have outlined a masterplan for you to install the best plugin and enjoy the utmost security under their guidelines. It has never been this easy for you. 

Smooth setup and simplicity of use has sent its popularity through the roof. They are highly regarded for user friendliness. This is truly a smart security plugin that identifies all kinds of bots and brute force attacks. It also blocks all spam comments.

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