8 Best WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin In 2021

Best Wordpress Hotel Booking Plugin

Booking has always been the life of hotel business and you have to think thoroughly about its management process from beginning to end. Technical challenges and those days of mounting difficulties are long gone now as you can easily automate the whole process within a few steps.

WordPress platform is never shy of offering plugins be it a hotel or a restaurant business. So, no more worries and let’s dive into the best WordPress hotel booking plugin in the market. We bet that you will find out your ultimate requirement at a glance.


Amelia Hotel Booking Plugin


  • Step by Step Booking Widgets
  • Customizeable Design
  • Calender & Payments Options
  • Instant SMS & Notifications
  • Multi User Supported

You need the latest technology reliant dependable hotel booking plugin that comes with multi-tasking privileges. Amelia is a fully automated plugin which is capable of handling all payment issues, sends real time SMS reminders to the customers, hotel booking as well as cancel, reschedule and appointments. 

Installation of Amelia goes very easy. You can do it without having any coding skills. It contains an extensive dashboard and it integrates KPI, chart, widget and table. User friendly booking layout defines Amelia hotel booking plugin. You will find a dynamic admin calendar view section and hotel owner or manager can successfully track all significant appointments. 

Advanced filter and search booking widget options are two other blessings of this hyper modern hotel booking plugin. Layout color can easily be customized to keep it in line with the overall structure of the website.

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Calendarista Premium:

Calendarista Premium WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin


  • Google Calendar
  • Appointments
  • Email Notifications
  • Staff Members
  • Booking Cancellation
  • Departure/ Destination

Calendarista Premium fully gets the pulse of hotel business through and through. They have introduced a revolutionary plugin which will ease the burden of your business efforts.

They offer 10 reservation modes covering all the sections of booking issues. This plugin is full of premium features such as appointment, Google calendar, email notification, holidays, reminders and so on. There is a smooth and flexible booking cancellation option helping your customers easily fend off a reservation.

It is a translation ready and WooCommerce supported plugin. You would never want to miss the demo version of Calendarista Premium for anything if you are dreaming of immense success in the hotel industry.

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Hoteleon Hotel Booking Plugin


  • Room Search
  • Complete Room Details.
  •  Payment Management
  • Email  & SMS Setting
  • Fully Responsive
  • Extra Facilities Section

Nowadays, hotel booking trend is sliding towards mobile devices. Hoteleon offers you a complete hotel booking solution for both laptop and mobile. It has a responsive design supporting all browsers.

There are 20+ payment gateways available for use in this plugin. Room details, photo gallery, promotion, check out, booking, reservation management and many other functions can be traced out in Hoteleon. Customers will receive an email confirming their reservation. Feel free to have a deeper look into its features.

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Focus Feature:

  • Flexible Pricing Structure
  • Avoid Double Booking System
  • Maximum Payment Gateway
  • Quick Setup

HBook is a complete booking system WordPress plugin that relieves you of all the worries regarding booking and reservation. Actually, this is a vital function for hotels and agencies and it can determine business to a great extent.

Its pricing design is highly user friendly. Users can easily ensure booking without having any tension regarding double booking. There are calendar, table rates, booking form, seasonal news, coupon codes, payment system, deposit system and many other facilities in this plugin.

Its installation and maintenance is very comfortable. Take a deeper look into its demo version before reaching any final decision. 

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MotoPress Booking Plugins


  • Real time Search
  • Seasonal Pricing
  • Rates
  • Online and Offline Payments
  • Payments Addon

A hospitality business brand quality can be discerned from its reservation system. Smooth booking and reservation system brings about more and more customer reliance. Ensuring real time search and booking is the ultimate goal of MotoPress.

You can illustrate regular and seasonal pricing rates in a superb fashion with this plugin. It supports all online recognized payment methods because of its built in payment gateway. Moreover, it has WooCommerce payment add-on which allows the other payment methods. There is a complete filtering feature that helps customers filter price range, location and facilities before booking.

MotoPress helps reserve additional service facilities. Guests can priorly take a look on a full summary regarding service charge, service tax and accommodation tax. They have outstanding customer service.

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Room Management with Custom Price Calendar:

Room Management with Custom Price Calendar


  • Vertical Mega Menu
  • Customizeable Product Page
  • Dropdown Cart
  • Category Slider
  • Daily Deal Module
  • Product Slider

This simple design plugin allows smooth reservation for the customers. It has a calendar, custom price and blog feature. Customers can check on rooms, pricing and other details from its calendar. This plugin will integrate easily with any website from any platform. Small hotel, agency and restaurant reservation service demand will be met nicely. They pledge excellent customer care.

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Panda Resort 7:

Panda Resort 7


  • Quick Install
  • Multi language Supported
  • Booking Over View
  • iCal Syc 
  • Price Management

Finding out a room, its availability, booking and final payment can be ensured using Panda Resort 7. You can add extra services and facilities for the customers with this plugin. Its powerful admin helps room, package, service facilities and payment gateway maintenance make all the more easier.

Customers can confirm specific specific period booking such as per night, week, weekend. Panda Resort 7 will demonstrate discount and coupon in an attractive way to the customers. Full responsiveness makes sure that it adjusts perfectly in any sized screen. Booking conversion rate is sure to multiply if you start rolling with Panda Resort 7.

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WooCommerce Booking:

WooCommerce Booking Plugin


  • Paid & Unpaid Booking Options
  • Cancel Reservation Section
  • Show Free and Optional Services
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Booking Calendar

Most of the time, a customer will decide on advancing forward with a booking based on the appearance of your website. WooCommerce Booking permits booking process completion as demanded by the customer.

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Wrapping up:

Grab the next holiday season business opportunities using the cutting-edge WordPress reservation plugins. Personal and family vacationing becomes enjoyable for your future clients. Run the most innovative hotel booking plugin that immaculately suits your apartments, hotels, cabs, and all other rental services. 

Freshen up your customer’s experience from the bottom up by offering a sleek online feel. The best WordPress hotel booking plugins introduce across-the-board functionalities into your website. Theme Feature has selected the top WordPress reservation plugins for 2021 to facilitate effortless management of your site. 

Guests can book and reserve online at any moment. This list of appointment plugins downplays the role of customer service agents. Customers need no agent consultation for booking. These sophisticated reservation plugins remain unscathed even when you take down the theme for a change. The booking system stands upright at those critical moments.

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