6 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugin in 2021

Best WordPress Chatbot Plugin

Automated message replies to the users has skyrocketed the popularity of best WordPress chatbot plugins. This is a categorically specialized software that detects some predetermined dimensions. Then it sends a fitting response to the users.

Artificial Intelligence is also applied in some instances to tackle customer requirements as person to person communication becomes way too difficult for a high traffic website.

As a consequence, website owners are getting more inclined to go for a suitable WordPress chatbot plugin. It gives them a sway over multiple conversations at a time. It has made 24/7 customer care a practically feasible operation for many online entrepreneurs.

Let’s check out the best WordPress chatbot plugins currently dominating the market.


Olark WordPress Chatbot Plugin

If you want to conduct real time chat with your customers and collect their data at the same time, you need smart chatbot software. Olark integrates a bunch of amazing features for you. Real time dashboard informs you on instant reports along with customer feedback. 

Custom pre-chat forms present some questions to the customers willing to chat. So, the chat becomes way more effective and to the point for you. You also set up an offer or suggestion prior to starting the chat and send it to your customer while you are executing an on-going chat.

Chat options will remain open even when you go offline. Customers will leave you their requirements via the questionnaire and you can reply at a later time through email. Olark allows unlimited integration that allows transferring to another person or software. You will receive a monthly report from them that elaborates daily, weekly and monthly data analysis. 

JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF and TXT files can be sent as well as received. Moreover, you can transfer a chat to someone else apart from getting des


AI Supported Chatbot Plugin

Artificial intelligence will reduce your tasks by half by tremendously assisting you. It is a wonderful feature of Formilla that never fails to amaze your customers. Formilla supports multiple languages and you can modify the color of the chatbot keeping in line with the website. It will play the most significant role as a lead collector. 

It has a resourceful contact management system. You can separate the clients based on their categories. Maximum presale questions can also be answered using its feature. Customers will receive solutions to their problems thanks to its efficient Artificial Intelligence. Even it will remain operational while offline. 

Real time visitor tracking is also possible with Formilla. Your customers will receive a warm email notification as you come back online. So, they can present their issue to you. You can add team member images and names. Moreover, communication patterns can be tuned up depending on customer language. 

Two clicks are enough for transferring the chat to another expert team member. Besides, you can send vital private notes to the team members. 


Sendinblue Chatbot Plugin

Just like the chatting layout, Sendinblue installation is super easy. This chatbot can be installed within a few seconds. Its customization goes without any coding skills whatsoever. 

The design of this chatbot makes sure that your customers will never wait for chatting. It will automatically transfer the chat to the other agents depending on your preferred setting. Close customer relationship seeking businessmen will find Sendinblue an outstandingly effective tool. 

All data is stored in the dashboard and it can be used for later marketing or analysis purposes. It facilitates the use of real images. Marketing messages or promotions can be sent automatically and you will be able to prepare these messages beforehand.


PureChat Plugin

Pure Chat is a smart solution for keeping your website live and interactive for 24/7. It has a powerful dashboard that gives you authority over all conversations. Opening a number of live chats is now very much possible. 

At the same time, it allows real time visitor tracking and analytics. Email and sound chat notifications render a real time alert to the customers. Adding sales agent image and contact is no longer a far cry as it will deepen the trust between the customer and the salesperson.

Its interface is especially designed for mobile users. It is indeed one of the best WordPress chatbot plugins. Unlimited Chat History Transcripts can be reserved for further analysis. It will give you extra insight into the needs of the customers. Pure Chat offers 30 day money back guarantee.


LiveChat Plugin

LiveChat is a complete chat solution that accommodates many platforms in a single place. Customers will bring you a number of problems. LiveChat is going to categorize the problems and send those to the experts accordingly. So, the whole management becomes way more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence swiftly detects customer issues. So, you can provide rapid solutions to those. LiveChat is an effective lead generator for your website. This chatbot can be integrated with 170 tools. You can conduct multiple conversations with the customers.

LiveChat is a WordPress chatbot plugin that keeps your customer data properly secured. The performance of individual members of your sales team becomes transparent with this plugin. More than 30000 companies worldwide are receiving LiveChat support. They grant a 14 day free trial and we invite you to not miss this unique chance. Go for the trial right now.


Innue Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins

Innue is a multirole live chat software. Its advanced admin dashboard allows all kinds of operations. From a single platform, you can provide support to multiple customers. It has Artificial Intelligence apart from advanced notifications. 

You can conduct chat with either AI based or manual chat option. Listed clients can be contacted as you manage time. Admin, user and operator roles can be segregated using the dashboard. Collection of category wise leads is also possible. 

Archiving the conversation stories and downloading these stories as docs is now a reality. It works effectively on mobile, tablet and laptops and is multi language supported. Installation and customization depending on business types also goes comfortably.

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