8 Best WordPress Cache Plugin 2021

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

Cache refers to a provisionally stored set of data that guarantees quicker access upon request. Caching grants your website visitors to hop a bunch of site loading steps. They can effectively avoid the whole page generation process. A caching plugin mirrors a copy of the page after the first loading. All later visitors are served with that cached version.

So, you need the best WordPress cache plugin? You have come to the perfect destination. You no longer feel satisfied with the loading speed of the website usually due to caching issues. We have analyzed the best WordPress cache plugins for your ease of access to the top tools.

Let’s get straight into the top WordPress cache plugins now.


WordPress Cache Plugin: WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a well tested and highly effective cache plugin for WordPress. You can quickly set up the plugin and the output is quite swift and obvious. Page cache in automatically gets activated with its setup. 

Of course, your website enjoys positive search engine results with the rise in loading speed. Images on request feature auto loads the images as the visitor scrolls down the page. WP Rocket reduces the weight of  HTML, CSS and JAVAScript files. Your visitors get a better site speed. 1,182,082 websites are currently receiving service from them.


Coemtcache automatic and intelligent cache clearing plugin is dedicated to increasing WordPress website loading speed. This plugin allows easy integration of all popular CDN. You can manually clear CDN cache. It brings in superior SEO outcomes together with reduced server expenses. 

Cometcache ensures caching of all posts, pages, categories and tags. Its code is amazingly developer friendly. Most interestingly, the setup process costs you less than two minutes. Automatic cache expiration entirely rests upon you as you please. This plugin caches 404 requests, an action that significantly betters website performance. Cometcache supports all WordPress approved translations.

You will certainly become very impressed with its mobile adaptive mode. They offer lifetime free updates along with 3 year customer support.

W3 Total Cache:

W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache is the most popular free cache plugin on WordPress. With the help of this plugin, you can improve website performance at least up to 10 times. 

It supports all popular content delivery networks. Category, tag, comment, search result, memory, on disk are properly cached. It employs a bunch of open source tools that optimize HTML, CSS and JAVA codes. WordPress 2.8 with PHP 5.3 versions is the minimum requirement for W3 Total Cache operation.

Apart from taking care of website loading issues, it will manage security aspects as well.

WP Fastest Cache:

WP Fastest Cache

Theme Feature recommends this plugin because of some valid grounds. It boasts of one million+ installations and certainly, you are looking at a top rated cache plugin. Website admin can both delete and restore cache files from page options. Besides, admin can block cache from specific pages. WP Fastest Cache supports globally popular CDN Cloudflare.

HTML and CSS files can be minified and thus you can effectively decrease the file size to a great extent. It has both free and premium versions for you. Database cleanup, mobile cache, widget cache, lazyload, image optimize, convert webP are some the exclusive features reserved for the premium package. This plugin is supported by many languages.

Setup mechanism of this plugin goes very easy. Moreover, you will notice superior search engine results with its installation. Basic security SSL supported WP Fastest Cache will amaze you all day.

WP Super Cache:

WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache is developed to guarantee the utmost speed for WordPress websites. It is proudly serving more than 2 million websites around the world. This plugin carries along all necessary features for you so that website speed can dramatically increase within no time.

WP Super Cache has devised static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. The static html files will be presented before a significant segment of your users. In case you are uncomfortable with PHP file editing, you can opt for simple mode. It promises super flexible setup and the whole process ends very swiftly. This plugin compresses heavy files and in the end turns the website extremely light.

It is in fact high in demand for customized usages. You need no coding skills whatsoever. However, this lack of coding knowledge does not bother your site operations in any way. 

Simple Cache:

WordPress Simple Cache Plugin

Simple Cache is the latest WordPress cache plugin. They are good at regularly updating it. As a consequence, you can fetch superior results. The installation is quite simple and it can be done with an on/off switch. Websites with a lot of traffic are the most suitable candidates for Simple Cache. 

Gzip compression facilitates cache clearing actions and you can put it in operation at any time. Site loading speed can be significantly upped without going into any settings. 


Hummingbird Cache Plugin

Most of the time, we test website page speed using Kingdom or GTMetrics softwares. But does Google rely on these softwares for its calculation? Unfortunately, the answer is a big no. They apply Google PageSpeed Insights which is developed by Google developers. 

Hummingbird cache plugin software will help your website with increasing page speed on Google PageSpeed Insights. It also aids with instant page speed upgrade using text compression and gzip. Hummingbird offers a complete browser. You can fix JAVASciprt execution time. It also allows you to minify JAVAScript, CSS and HTML files. 

Render-blocking resource is genuinely a vital parameter for increasing website loading speed. Hummingbird addresses render blocking resource issues. Moreover, it scans the whole of the website and suggests the areas requiring improvement

Hummingbird is compatible with  SMUSH image optimization  and cloudflare CDN.

LightSpeed Cache:

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

LiteSpeed Cache is the most popular plugin for WordPress websites across the globe. They serve more than one million websites. Advanced cache management tools and separate optimization features are available in it. 

It caches server level full page and optimizes images along with the database. Moreover, it minifies JAVAScript, CSS and HTML files. LiteSpeed Cache is compatible with all popular premium plugins on WordPress platform. It is supported with CDN and lazyload images. 

This plugin provides fast website loading speed to your visitors which is vital for website conversion rate. It is the best option for people who are very serious with website loading speed. They bring in both free and premium versions for you. 

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