7 Best WooCommerce Membership Plugin 2021

Best WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WordPress facilitates membership websites. You know you must have a WooCommerce membership plugin to extract the best possible outcome from the website.

A fitting membership plugin can lend a hand in bringing your business goals to the closest quarter. Sales, prices, discounts and customer loyalty can actually depend on it. Create a booming buzz around your brand and expedite a larger fan base with a perfect membership plugin.

Our comparative discussion on the best WooCommerce membership plugins will land you to the desired destination within no time.

WooCommerce Membership Plugin:

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Membership Plugin is the most versatile plugin that covers all membership plans as well as features. You can create unlimited membership plans using this plugin. Moreover, a distinct assignment of plan for an individual member has also become possible.

Manual setup of expiry date can be regulated for any specific plan. You can also restrict your users to a certain plan. This membership plugin allows WooCommerce product sales.

Installation and customization runs super easy with it. It helps send automatic notification to the users. You can send expiry notification of membership plans to the users as well. Released in June, 2020, this is the latest plugin in the market that takes care of all updated issues.


B2BKing WooCommerce Solution

B2BKing is quintessentially an ultimate membership website plugin. It incorporates all features for WooCommerce. It was launched in May, 2020 and interestingly, Envato market promotes it. Product or subscription plan, website, content and everything else can be hidden from your users.

It helps you set up a distinct price range for individual users. Moreover, discount, minimum order threshold and free shipping will be categorically applicable for different groups. Multiple users can access a single account thanks to the B2BKing plugin.

It allows personalized offers for a specific customer. Apart from this, payment method and shipping method can be either enabled or disabled for a precise user. You can control product visibility in addition to creating customer groups. It is offline gateway supported and you will have 24/7 customer support.



YITH WOOCOMMERCE MEMBERSHIP delivers hassle free membership business. It allows automatic user offers apart from obstructing those offers for some users. Customers will receive personal emails thanks to YITH WOOCOMMERCE MEMBERSHIP.

This plugin helps you generate unlimited membership plans. Besides, you can execute content dripping together with a timeframe. You can set up file categories for specific groups of customers. There is a smart message widget that serves users with quick contact with the administrators.

Any customization or modification will automatically be saved in membership history. You can send customized emails to the customers based on their membership plans. A purchase or subscription plan can be specifically classified for registered members and regular users. They have wonderful customer support all the way through.

WooCommerce Memberships:

WooCommerce Memberships

The entire business plan of your website can be accomplished using WooCommerce Memberships. Putting website whole  content under restriction for specific members is a reality now. Moreover, members can access the drip content based on your setup. Membership plans can be created independently.

Drip content distribution should be mentioned as the top blessing of this plugin. You can actually fix content for your visitors with this feature. It helps you organize what they can access this week and what they can access the next week. Even you can set up a certain free trial content for a new subscriber.

Product view and product purchasing can be placed under restriction for particular visitors. But members can purchase those restricted items. You may add free shipping options for the members of the website.

Discount offers and coupons can be awarded to the existing or new members. Easy installation defines this plugin. In addition, it incorporates all features of a membership plugin.

WCFM Membership:

WCFM Membership

WCFM Membership  is a free WooCommerce membership plugin on WordPress. There is a secure payment option for paid membership. Its WCFM dashboard avails you of all detailed information of the users. So, you can maintain all plans with superior supervision.

They regularly update this plugin and there are about 20000+ active installations of it. Specific commission structures can be laid out for the members. Product limit, product type, membership level will be determined based on membership plans. Apart from these amenities, you will enjoy a number of eye catching features of WCFM Membership.


WooCommerce Memberships

Setting up a flawless combination among content, shop and members poses a real challenge to just any membership plugin. Memberships plugin perfectly performs drip content, content distribution and user restriction.

You can exert full control over which user gets access to a specific content. Moreover, there is a scheduling system for your users to have access to the next level of content. It contains an advanced email tracking arrangement and members will receive emails or notifications from you via it.

This is an ideal choice for any membership website. It brings you all WooCommerce membership plugin features. They have splendid customer support for you all the way.

WooCommerce Members Only:


Its maintenance runs super easy and that should be the most important aspect of WooCommerce Members Only plugin. You can fix who can visit or not the content of your WooCommerce store. It genuinely protects the content and executes content dripping. 

Post, product, category and full website content will be controlled or protected. Even password, user role and login status based user access can be determined or set up. This plugin impeccably suits a membership site, age restricted site, club and society.

This plugin lets you control the role of a user depending on their type of subscription. Besides, it introduces a custom registration option. They offer 14 day money back guarantee together with 24/7 customer support.

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