9 Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins 2021

Online booking and reservations are ever more important in the current times. Whether a person is going to a hotel or gym or restaurant, premium quality service greatly hangs on early booking.

As a result, prudent business folks are always enthusiastic for top class WooCommerce booking plugins. Those old systems of writing down the time slots for a certain customer are long gone with a number of uniquely privileged reservation plugins.

Your online shop, hotel and any kind of business jumps into another level with the perfect deployment of an appointment plugin that automatically takes care of all client issues. Make the best use of the calendar year and save yourself from the constant pressure of managing phone calls.

These plugins also handle predetermined sets of conditions related to price, number of clients, discounts and so on. Theme Feature has brought you the best WooCommerce booking plugins to settle appointment concerns once and for all.



YITH stands out as a popular name in the crowds of WooCommerce world. They have developed a complete WooCommerce system so that you do not lose a single potential customer. 

This plugin dodges unwanted bookings and alternately, instantly accepts genuine bookings. You can set up reservations on the basis of minute, hour, day, week and month. It also holds on the fixed number of bookings you accept on a day.

You can customize the price chart depending on the date and number of clients. Its admin panel grants you the capacity of approving or disapproving the bookings on a certain day. Besides, gender and age based booking price variation is also a thing now.

Each booking entails a lot of related services and you can determine the individual costs of those services at the same time. YITH BOOKING plugin contains a dedicated calendar. You can also use Google API to set up booking locations. There are literally hundreds of attractive features apart from those listed above.

WooCommerce Bookings:

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings is a complete booking plugin and is outlined by the WooCommerce developer team. Users can accomplish booking, schedule appointments, reservations and thus keep your business rolling forward.

It allows 1/1 and multi-person booking events. In addition, you can put a cap on maximum participant numbers. Any offer, discount, promotion and price variation can be regulated individually for each of your customers. 

Customer availability feature is a great boon for you. So, you can understand when the client is ready for taking your calls. Bookings or reservations lead to reminder messages prior to the actual event. It helps your client remember the event.

You may opt for reservations together with deposits. This plugin remains alert to prevent double booking. There are many more wonderful WooCommerce extensions to aid you business.

RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin:

RnB - WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

RnB is one of the best selling WooCommerce plugins from Themeforest. It is compatible with the latest WordPress version. It is a multilingual booking plugin that integrates both online and offline payment gateways. There are separate booking options for local and global customers. 

Hour, day, kilometer and month based price configuration is also  permitted in its system. It displays promotional prices by the side of original price. It breaks down the price at the time of the booking.

Security deposit and partial payment can be deposited as well. Customers will enjoy their services from a simple dashboard. They can edit their order or cancel it from there. Booking confirmation will be followed with an email notification. 

It allows Google Calendar integration. Besides, there are a bunch of highly attractive layouts. They have wonderful customer support.

WooCommerce Easy Booking:

WooCommerce Easy Booking

WooCommerce Easy Booking is a free WooCommerce booking plugin by WordPress. It has almost 5000+ installations. Most importantly, this is compatible with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions. 

Customers can check booking availability from its calendar. Depending on booking duration, you have room to issue discounts to the clients. This plugin also lets you commit to different pricing offers based on the booking dates. 

You can set up distinct booking and original prices of a product or service. You will certainly discover a lot of other convenient features in WooCommerce Easy Booking plugin.

WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments:

Bookings And Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments is developed by Pluginhive. It has earned top reviews and popularity due to its inherent merits. At a time, a user can book for multiple appointments. 

Minimum and maximum booking duration can be determined. Cancellation usually requires a certain time and this period can be fixed as well. You may send email notifications on new booking, upcoming booking and booking cancellation.

This plugin is WPML compatible and it allows you to fix calendar color keeping in line with the website color. You may create staff for proper maintenance of all issues. This is a multi-language supported WooCommerce booking plugin.

Some major features include booking pricing, booking availability, booking resort, staff management and Google sync and contain several feature subheadings covering all your booking and appointment issues to the full. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin:

WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin

Now, we are going to explore a limited budget WooCommerce plugin that covers all aspects of WooCommerce business. This one comes up with all the ins and outs necessary for conducting a WooCommerce entrepreneurship.

Pick hour and pick days call for special price configuration and you know, this plugin is ideal for that purpose. You can determine a timeframe for booking cancellation apart from displaying additional offers.

Age, profession and gender based different pricing is now a reality for you. It is ideally suited to hotel and hospitality businesses. It is highly mobile friendly and it shows locations syncing with Google Map. They pledge excellent customer support.

Appointments for WooCommerce:

Appointments for WooCommerce

Appointments for WooCommerce plugin integrates WordPress, WooCommerce and Google calendar in an efficient manner in order to even out your business path forward. Quick installation is a splendid aspect of this plugin. Moreover, it contains all relevant features of WooCommerce.

It accepts all payment gateways. Besides, there are Extra Form Fields that collect additional booking information. Google Calendar will automatically get synced with your website. Available time slot is automatically converted to the time zone of the customer.

This plugin adds shipping and delivery costs together with the booking charges. It exactly shows the duration of remaining time left until the booking period starts up to the seconds. Booking confirmation, schedule alteration and cancellation entirely rests upon the client even when you are absent.

It is a multi-language and multi-currency supported plugin. Notification and reminder options further enrich its feature stream. 

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce:

Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

If you do not want your customers to leave the page for booking purposes yet you would like them to place a booking order, you must check out this plugin. Send your customers automatic reminder emails. Depending on time slot differences, you can set distinct price ranges on the booking.

The price will show up for the period of time they have chosen. The calculation takes place based on the variable prices. This plugin is supported with all popular themes and plugins. Customers can check out all details of the offer and prices during their booking reservation process.

Date and time based booking availability is open to your visitors. You can set up a different time slot for a product or booking. Admin panel also lets you manually place booking orders. The booking will automatically be imported to the Google Calendar of the customer. There are a bunch of other premium features in this WooCommerce booking plugin.

Booking and Reservation Plugin for WooCommerce:

Reservation Plugin for WooCommerce

Your WooCommerce store deserves a smart booking system. So, customers can have a better user experience. Booking and reservation slots automatically get fixed by the admin. It lets set up multiple bookings on a single day. 

Booking preferences are stored in the shopping cart and the customer can check them out before placing the final order. Customers can see the calendar and date availability on the frontend. 

Admin has the capacity of creating a lot of bookable products. The frontend layout introduces minimalist design. They have warm customer support.


The best WooCommerce reservation plugins for appointment bookings, flexible time bookings, multiple day bookings, and rentals are right around the corner.

For 2021, Theme Feature presents you bookings facilities for virtual events & recurring appointments with Zoom integration. Generate automatic Zoom meetings for these appointments.

All your products become bookable in seconds. The list even extends to other WooCommerce products, such as subscription products, grouped products, variable, sample, product bundles, and composite products. Up your game like never before.

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