10 Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin 2021

Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

To give you a proper perspective, WooCommerce and WordPress make up for 37% of online eCommerce business. So, you are searching for an affiliate plugin that tackles refund and dispute issues on its own as it tremendously reduces pressure off of manual handling.

What does a WooCommerce affiliate plugin offer?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons for you to choose one. Immediate tracking of a purchase always appeals the most to any affiliate business. You also want your business name and brand spread far and wide with an immaculately streamlined affiliate program. You are indeed looking for something that avails you these privileges.

Glue your eyes into the next section as Theme Feature tech team brings you the best WooCommerce affiliate plugins sufficing all these vital aspects.


Yith WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

If your website affiliate functions properly, you can easily impress your third parties. It greatly broadens your business prospects. Theme Feature introduces one of the best WooCommerce affiliate companies, YITH. 

YITH WOOCOMMERCE AFFILIATES plugin encompasses all affiliate features. Day, date, and month based commission is paid out automatically. Affiliate name, date ID and conversion time can be respectively set for individual visits. 

It allows different commission rates for variation in products. Each sale and click is subject to tracking. Moreover, it grants manual approval of new affiliates. Commission report on each product covers all statistics.

Your commission affiliates can request for full or partial withdrawal. You get both free and premium versions of this plugin. All website issues can be updated or controlled via emails.


Datafeedr Affiliate Plugin

datafeedr is especially developed to meet the affiliation requirements of WordPress websites. It genuinely eases product import, commission tracking, commission distribution and partial payment. Price, commission, discount and affiliation percentage of a certain product can be fixed as well.

To increase business conversion, it brings in a price comparison set. Unlike other affiliate plugins, datafeedr does not claim a part of the commission on each sale. It has an API for the developers to customize it upon their exact necessities.

No coding knowledge is needed to operate this affiliate plugin. Moreover, you will enjoy its 100% money back guarantee. This is an immaculately fit plugin for any established or startup affiliation program.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin:

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

As an affiliate plugin, Ultimate Affiliate Pro holds the top position. Cool and updated features distinguish it from the crowd. Custom commission, percentage, flat amount and reward amount can be set individually. 

Cookies and different browser issues never bother you. You may also fix a lifetime commission for the customers. When your affiliates surpass certain levels of achievement, you can disburse additional bonuses for them. Paypal supported Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a perfect solution for payment gateways.

This is compatible with recurring referral, sign up referral and own referral. Translation ready and affiliate coupon privilege sets it up on higher standards. Affiliates will easily generate affiliate links. They will also observe earnings on the wallet.

Custom currency option lets you add native currencies. All latest updates reach the affiliates via notifications. They promise wonderful customer service all the way.

Affiliate For WooCommerce:

Affiliate For WooCommerce

Affiliate For WooCommerce is built by core WooCommerce developers. It pledges a highly powerful affiliate program that functions with extreme accuracy. It helps you sign up new affiliates and track visitors, conversion, commission, payouts as well as percentage.

Plain or simple looking single page interface really charms a WooCommerce store owner. Itsa setup and management process runs super easy. Affiliates and users can cash out via Paypal. Buyers will automatically turn into new affiliates as well.

Different commissions, flat rates and percentages can be set up for different types of products. They provide regular updates and improvements thanks to the professional developer team behind. Single click will integrate it with your website. 

OSI Affiliate:

OSI Affiliate Plugin

OSI Affiliate especially suits dream WooCommerce stores. Its outstanding features pave the way to a smooth establishment of your brand and store. Auto sign up feature stands out among the options. Any customer will turn into an automatic affiliate upon purchasing a product. 

Popups and forms tremendously contribute to increasing website conversions. Discount coupons, coupons and banner supported OSI Affiliate takes you to a long distance. Social accounts are integrated with this p[lugin.

As a result, your affiliate links comfortably reach out to the social platforms.  Every sale, click and impression is subject to your tracking and the final result comes to you in the form of a report. Premade or pre-written email templates make your tasks lighter. These templates are highly effective for promoting affiliate links. They ensure top quality after sales service.


Tapfiliate Plugin


Avoiding complexities has always been the top priority for an ideal affiliate program. Operational hiccups are real concerns in this regard. Tapfiliate gets you going in a smooth manner. Subscription, percentage, recurring commissions can be set depending on the type of your business.

Tapfiliate tracks current time sales and commissions and displays it on the dashboard. Based on product categories, you may fix a special and individual commission rate. Brand name will appear on the dashboard and URL which is genuinely a mind blowing feature of it.

Refund and dispute issues are automatically dealt with by Tapfiliate. Commission approval is subject to both manual and automatic options. New affiliate joining data reaches you via notifications. This is indeed a trustworthy plugin for your store.


AffiliateWP Pugins

AffiliateWP installation stands out to be your biggest task as it takes over the whole responsibility from there. It distributes commissions based on affiliate rank and the higher you go up the ladder, the bigger the percentage gets. 

The referral commission automatically becomes void if a product is refunded or returned. Easy installation and maintenance is a wonderful aspect of its dashboard. It allows instant affiliate payment via Paypal. You may offer a sign up bonus with this plugin. 

Besides, smooth affiliate link generation is a big leap forward for your business. Interestingly, you can also pay on check out referrals. Affiliate ID creation, commission, percentage, external referral commission, check out commission, link tracking, conversion rate and any other action related data show up on the dashboard in the form of a report.

Affiliate WooCommerce Light:

Affiliates WooCommerce Light

Affiliates WooCommerce Light is one of the best free WooCommerce affiliate plugins. They are serving three thousand plus affiliate websites. They provide regular updates on it. All the latest WordPress version supported Affiliates WooCommerce Light will fully amaze you.

It automatically creates affiliate links and you can set different percentages for variation in product categories. Installation and setup does not call for any coding skills whatsoever. It basically suits WooCommerce stores. 

WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program:

WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program

WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program is the best choice for all small and large affiliate websites out there. They hold a proven record to elevate your business status. Moreover, it is a top review plugin on Envato. You can choose from Binary, Forced or Unilevel matrices.

Apart from automatic commissions, you may need to set up manual commissions and it allows you that privilege. You can create unlimited affiliates with it. On top of sign up bonuses, a maximum commission bar can be put in place.

This plugin also grants coupons for affiliate partners. It integrates several social media and own referrals also count. Paypal payout is allowed and referral notification assimilates complete dataset. Withdrawal fees pays out at payment point.

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