How To Register a Domain Name in 2021

Websites are the best way to represent something to the online world. And registering a domain is the very first step to establishing a website. Domain registration itself does not call for any expertise at all.

However, if you want to find the right domain, you have to follow a few simple steps.

What is a domain name?

In essence, the domain name stands for the address of just any website out there. People put it in the search bar to trace out your website. For example, is our domain name. If we consider the website to be a human, the domain name will turn out to be the name of him or her. Everyone will look for this person using the name.

Why do you really need a right domain name?

In short, how many website names do you in fact remember? If you are asked to name some of the websites, you will probably say Facebook, Twitter and some other reputed domain names.

You are actually looking forward to setting up a website and pondering over the initial issues. So, it is vital that you select a domain name which is short, brandable and catchy at the same time. Here, we are going to elaborate on a number of domain registration methods regarding different platforms.

Things you must prioritize while naming the domain:

  • Shortness: People comfortably remember short names. Moreover, it saves you useless effort in typing. Domain names perform better if it is held within 2-3 words.
  • Elementary: Choose a word which is highly familiar to your visitors. Common names increase the possibility of smooth recollection. Besides, there is little scope for spelling mistakes.
  • Keywords: Keywords are the basic facts and carry huge significance in the domain naming process. If you can bring a match between a relevant word and the keyword, users will have an easy time identifying it. You will go a step ahead if a keyword is the domain name.
  • Brand name: Brand names should be the domain name as it is the best practice. We prefer it for your website. Ultimately, you have to establish the domain name as your brand. So, there goes the significance.
  • Avoid digit: Domain name should not include digits as it interrupts fluent typing of the users. In addition, it becomes very difficult for them to remember the name.
  • Trends: Using articles such as ‘a’ and ‘the’ before a brand name will bring you some extra benefits.

5 Secure platform where you can register your domain:

  1. Bluehost
  3. Namecheap
  4. Godaddy
  5. Google Domains

Register a Free Domain Name with Bluehost:

Bluehost is a real deal as well as a trustworthy name in the hosting world. Bluehost offers free domain and SSL for a year along with a hosting package. So, you can accept this premium privilege of getting a free domain name for your website.

First:  Go to the domain selection page on Bluehost. Then, type the domain name you have already selected.


Now, your desired domain name is available. You can go straight to the add to cart option. It will automatically lead you to the shopping cart on the right sidebar. 

Bluehost Domain Registeration step :2

Both domain privacy and protection options are added in the shopping cart. You can remove privacy and protection costs from this location if you want.

You can also purchase the domain for several years as well in order to avoid yearly renewal hassle. You will be able to confirm the domain purchase by clicking the ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button.

Blue Host Domain Registration Step 3

Here, you have to add payment information as the final step. Let’s check out the domain registration pricing offered by Bluehost.

Blue Host Domain Registration Step 4

Register a Domain Name with Namecheap:

Two vital factors played the most important roles behind the success of Namecheap since they started their journey in 2004. Those factors boil down to super affordable pricing and incomparable customer support. Namecheap domain purchase process goes hyper easy and we can easily take a glance into it within seconds.

Type your domain name here…

Namecheap Domain registration step 1

If the domain name  is available, it will show along with the price. They will show the searched item together with a bunch of related domain names. 

Namecheap Domain registration step 2

Then you have to click on the ‘add to cart’ button and make the payment. This is the whole domain purchasing system on this platform.

Namecheap Domain registration step 3

Register a Domain Name with is a renowned platform for purchasing a domain name. They are not only reliable service providers but also cost effective. Every once in a while, they offer coupon code for a discount. We are going to divulge the step by step process of buying a domain name on

First, Enter and click the search domain search bar. If it is an available name, they will show it in the search result. Domain Registration Step :1

 Besides, they are going to place an add to cart option before you.

Domain Registration Step 2

You can also purchase the domain for several years as well in order to avoid yearly renewal hassle. You will be able to confirm the domain purchase by clicking the ‘Proceed To Checkout’ button.

Domain Registration Step 3

Click on add to cart and then fill up the billing form. Prior to the purchase, you can use a coupon code to enjoy a partial discount. You can discard the yearly renewal hassle once and for all by purchasing it for several years on the very first go by opting for more than one years at this time.

Domain Registration Step 4


Register a Domain Name with Godaddy:

Godaddy is among the leading companies of the world that facilitates domain registration. There are a few simple steps for you to follow. I am showing those sequential steps to you using screenshots. First, you have to go to their domain registration page.

Type the domain name on the search bar…

Domain Purchase

If your domain name is available for purchase, Godaddy will mark it as shown in the screenshot. You must frequently check the domain name spelling before jumping onto the next page. You may click on the ‘add to cart’ option in case you are satisfied with everything until now. 

Godaddy Doman Availability

Now, you are going to face a few choices such as-

  1. Privacy protection
  2. Ultimate protection and security

If you want to opt out of both these above options, you can click on ‘no thanks’. It will save you a few bucks.

  1. No thanks

Now, you may select the ‘continue to cart’ button. 

Check Options

You will see a number of preferences. You can opt for more than one year as well. This page will also facilitate domain privacy option. But you may ignore if you do not need it.


Click on the ‘create account’ button and create an account with personal or business email.

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