7 Best WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin 2021

Best Product Filter Plugins

Stats show that your customers are not going to spend more than 15 seconds on your website trying to get to the target items. WooCommerce product filter plugin stands out as the most important tool for your online store as it grows up over time.

Your inventory size may literally bewilder a customer if he has to sort through each and every item out there. The best product filter plugins are basically designed to meet this specific requirement. Let your visitors reach their desired commodities in the blink of an eye.

These plugins really outperforms their counterparts with a big margin in terms of functionalities and scopes. Theme Feature experts propose the top WooCommerce product filter plugins that lift up user experience with a precise list of products.



YITH WOOCOMMERCE AJAX PRODUCT FILTER PLUGIN is actually miles ahead of its competitors. This plugin brings in all kinds of smart features. Its maintenance and installation does not call for any coding knowledge. 

It offers a bunch of layouts and you can choose one depending on the type of your online store. Simple scrolling will automatically unleash the next product and customers do not need to press any button for it. You may set the product filter feature anywhere on the website you deem fit.

Price, price range, brand, color, category, tag and keywords based product filtering is available. It is a WPML compatible plugin. They boast of excellent customer support all the way

WooCommerce Product Filter:

WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin

A quality online store always emphasizes on the shopping flexibility of the customers. In this scenario, product filter feature plays a significant role. Every customer wants to find their target product within the shortest possible time.

WooCommerce product filter plugin smartly accomplishes this task. This plugin can settle down in any position of the website. It contains more than 50 features. Moreover, it is a fully responsive filter. This one is compatible with all popular themes of the world.

The installation process runs especially easy. Product filtering can be filtered in terms of price, price range, tags, categories, brand and color. This plugin is published in April, 2020 and brings in all latest tools for you.

WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce:

WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce

WOOF is a free WordPress WooCommerce product filter plugin. Amazingly, it has 100000+ active installations due to impeccable service and regular updates. It is compatible with the latest WordPress version. Besides, it is WooCommerce compatible. 

Category, attribute, tag and taxonomy based product filtering is allowed in this plugin. The interface is especially a user friendly one. This is a WPML compatible plugin. WOOF facilitates your website with an infinite scroll option.

You can conduct data research on what the customers usually search for in the store. The research conducted with the help of this plugin further assists you to give proper shape of the filter interface. It has both a free and a premium version. However, the premium version introduces the best features.

Product Filters for WooCommerce:

Product Filters for WooCommerce

Product Filters for WooCommerce is specifically created by a WooCommerce developer team. WooCopmmerce has conducted a survey that demonstrates that a user leaves your store if he fails to identify their choicest product on the website.

This filter makes sure that the customer gets his desired product at once. Ajax technology fulfills this function pretty swiftly. Categories, taxonomies, tags, attributes, price and stock status based filtering option is available here.

Drop down, checkbox list, price slider, box list and text list are some of the vital elements for successful operation of the store. It has a mobile fast layout. Any forthcoming issue will be swiftly dealt by their outstanding customer support team.

WooCommerce Products Filter:

WooCommerce Products Filter

Product filter option has turned out to be a mandatory feature for any online shop. WooCommerce Products Filter can be installed in a simple manner. It brings in a number of useful short codes. Almost 95% themes support this plugin.

Your customers will immensely enjoy its product price range slider that recommends precise search results. Infinite scroll automatically loads the next line of products without having to press any button. Image and color can be filtered as well.

This is a fully responsive plugin. Moreover, it is highly suitable for mobile users. They offer you unconditional customer support all the way.

WooCommerce Product Filter:

WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins

WooBeWoo product filter helps you create a customized product filter section on the website. It automatically integrates with WooCommerce. This is an incredibly fitting plugin on small, medium and large screens.

It is compatible with all modern themes. Moreover, this is supported with elementor page builder. You will find a check box, drop down and radio button list. You can add unlimited filters using it. 

It also allows title and description customization. Besides, they have submitted a lot of effective features. It has both free and premium versions. You are going to appreciate their customer hospitality.



XforWooCommerce is genuinely a reputed plugin for its cheap price bundled with plenty of premium features. We are extremely elated to inform you that it was published in 2014 and in the last 6 years, it has established itself as a reliable product filter plugin in the market.

Filter function must demonstrate fastest serving capacity and Xforwoocommerce is certainly one from the top drawer. It can be fully customized. It automatically updates over time. This is a translation ready and WPML compatible plugin.

Customers can filter the website under any criteria you set on. It contains filter analytics that scrutinizes the products customers are looking for which in turn, helps you streamline the product line.

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