8 Best Managed WordPress Hosting – Ultimate Hosting Guide 2020

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Managed WordPress hosting is the ideal solution for website owners who are uncompromising in terms of performance, security and capacity. But the core challenge arises from the issue of tracking the right managed WordPress hosting providers.

Well, you have reached the perfect place as we are going to divulge all facts and concerns related to the best managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting in fact causes a significant difference considering speed, storage, uptime, security, backups, support, CDN and technical issues.

8 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers List  in 2020

  1. A2hosting
  2. Siteground
  3. Hostinger
  4. wpx
  5. DreamHost
  6. InMotion Hosting
  7. Liquid web
  8. WP Engine

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the best managed WordPress hosting companies in the world. The features and pricing of their packages go in line with the demand of the website. Interestingly, they guarantee 20X faster page loading. Since 2003, A2 Hosting has been involved in this business. An elaborate experience during this period has propelled them to the top position in hosting service.

Highest website speed actually springs from its LightSpeed and turbo server. Their hosting packages appeal to most of the website owners due to the affordable price tag. These hosting plans come along with a free SSL. A2 offers three exclusive managed WordPress hosting packages.

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  • Free SSL
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Regular Backups
  • Free Jetpack

Pricing and Plan:

1-Site: It starts from 11.99 USD and you can host one website on it. Free jetpack plugin and 10 GB storage really blows one’s mind. Speed and SSD hardware optimization facility further elevates the status of this plan. 

3-Site: This package commences from 18.99 USD and it accommodates 3 websites at a time. You enjoy 25 GB SSD storage in it. Powered by Plesk Control Panel, 3-site brings you a free SSL certificate.

Unlimited: Unlimited gets started from 36.99 and it proposes 40 GB SSD storage. Keeping in line with the name, it basically hosts unlimited websites. Theme Feature experts specially suggest it for high traffic websites. Free cloudflare CDN support comes together with all the basic perks. 


This absolutely budget friendly managed WordPress hosting is exclusively built for superb performance. They ensure 99.99% uptime. They also provide daily automated backup. They boast of a built in cache in and speed optimization for hyper page loading. 

Unlimited email addresses together with SMTP privilege gets you going a long way. A2 Hosting grants you a multi-language supported control panel. Lazy loading  and photon image CDN quickly loads images on the website. They assure you of a class A security with DDoE protection.


Customer support is really a one of a kind aspect of their business. You will receive 24/7 unconditional support. Their developer team executes free website migration. You can effectively claim your money thanks to their 30 day money back guarantee. Instant developer support is an unprecedented amenity for your business. You will get it whenever you knock them. 

Get on board With A2 hosting


siteground managed wordpress hostingSiteground captures the top spot among the fastest managed WordPress hostings. Reasonable package pricing and ease of use features has really made them popular. They employ advanced technology and toolkit for smooth hosting service. You can completely depend upon their reliable managed WordPress hosting when you are specifically concerned about security issues.


  • Siteground provides free of charge site migration and ensure installation facility
  • They have established a daily backup and on demand backups
  • Free SSL and CDN support
  • They automatically update the latest WordPress version
  • 5.They ensure unmetered traffic and unlimited database
  • You can create unlimited email accounts as well
  • Instant contact and instant support will preserve your mental peace

Let’s look into their three most in-demand managed hosting packages. 

StartUp: It commences from 6.99 USD and you can place one website on it. They offer 10 GB storage, unmetered traffic and unlimited database. This is indeed an ideal hosting plan for a startup website as Theme Feature research indicates.

GrowBig: You get it at 9.99 USD hosting unlimited websites. It proposes 20 GB storage, unmetered traffic and unlimited database. High performance websites will find a suitable den in it. Speed boosting cache in option is a blessing for those aspiring websites.

GoGeek: GoGeek gets off from 14.99 USD and is advisable for website owners who never compromise with premium standards all the way. They never want to deal with any day to day hosting troubles. You enjoy on demand backups along with the highest tier of resources. 


Until now, Siteground is one of the most powerful managed WordPress hostings. NGINX cache  and Memcached service gives you an extremely quick loading website. Sg optimizer will help with image loading.

Certainly, CDN plays a vital role in speeding up the website based on location. Siteground simultaneously performs with cloudflare and as a result, your website will function at the utmost level no matter the location of the users. 

Siteground automatically updates WordPress and relevant all hosting features. They constantly keep the firewall active. Moreover, they always recover vulnerable spots. This preemptive and timely maintenance steadily holds up an elite level of security for your website. 


You can confidently put Siteground at the top of the chart measuring its elegant customer support. Swift website installation and migration bewilders many of their clients. You can chat with their expert team 24/7. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Get on board With SiteGround


Hostinger managed wordpress hostingBoth startup and established websites will find the best hosting services in Hostinger regarding performance and pricing. They have commanding knowledge on WordPress. Most importantly, their features are amazingly helpful in optimizing your website. An SSD server backs up your data and files. A skilled WordPress team is always on its toe to take care of your concerns. 

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  • As a basic security, they provide free SSL support. 
  • They arrange lightspeed server and SSD disk space
  • Cloudflare protected name server dazzles many customers
  • Unlimited email and FTP accounts
  • Sweeping theme and plugin support
  • Speed optimization
  • Free SSL for unlimited websites

Let’s look into their four most popular managed WordPress hosting packages.

Single WordPress: This managed WordPress hosting package starts from 1.99 USD. it brings in 10 GB storage space. Moreover, you get free SSL together with unlimited bandwidth. 

WordPress Starter: WordPress starter gets off at 2.99 USD. You can host up to 100 websites. Besides, it offers 20 GB storage along with a free premium Jetpack plugin. It also contains a free SSL and domain. 

Business WordPress:

Business WordPress is exclusively optimized and the pricing commences from 7.99 USD. You enjoy 100 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. Cloudflare protected name servers and daily backups are some other remarkable perks. 

WordPress Pro:  High traffic websites badly need WordPress Pro plan at 11.99 USD. It introduces 100 GB disc storage and free jetpack plugin. In addition, this package avails you cloudflare protection and unlimited MYSQL database. 


Currently, Hostinger holds the top position in terms of performance. Like many other hosting services, they also promise 99.99% uptime. Lightspeed cache server and jetpack plugins guarantee topnotch website speed all the way through. Their packages are out and out cloudflare protected. 

They confirm the SSD server for each individual customer. Staging pool feature helps a developer comprehensively analyze the website prior to going live. Your website revels in top performance thanks to their highly customized packages. Security and safety of your website is always a dominant priority for Hostinger. Daily and weekly automatic backups get you freely move forward with your business. 


You will certainly face challenges in establishing a top class website. However with Hostinger support by your side, you need not worry about a thing. Their dedicated WordPress team fully tackles all your concerns. Hosting installation and site migration issues are extensively covered in the plans. They pledge a 30 day money back guarantee.

Go on board with Hostinger


WPX managed wordpress hosting

Most probably, you have not come across WPX until now. But they have climbed up to the peak among the hosting service providers thanks to their impeccable records in gaining customer trust. Extensive Theme Feature survey uncovers some exclusively interesting facts regarding WPX. WPX Cloud CDN servers are spread out across the earth in 26 locations which has tremendously contributed to it being the fastest server.

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  • Expert conducted free site speed optimization
  • UWPX Cloud CDN facilities
  • Unlimited site transfer for free
  • Manual backups
  • DDoS Protection

Pricing and Plans:

WPX introduces three outstanding packages. Let’s dig into them to find out whether they cover your expectations.

Business: A startup and medium size business can easily have a comfortable den here. Its pricing starts from 20.83 USD per month. You can accommodate 5 websites in it. This package offers 10 GB storage and 100 GB bandwidth. Moreover, you get WPX covered CDN. 

Professional: Smoothly running businesses with visionary goals will have sufficient service from it. Professional plan costs 41.58 USD per month and it hosts 15 websites. Besides, it proposes 20 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth. WPX CDN support together with unlimited free SSL propels you forward.

Elite: Elite is available at 83.25 USD and it facilitates 35 websites. You enjoy 40 GB storage along with unlimited bandwidth. Any giant eCommerce website or large content publishing websites will have the most out of it.


WPX custom CDN and lightspeed server has lifted them up at the zenith of success. You can set up locations such as the USA, Australia and UK while purchasing the server. They will ensure maximum response based on that location. All packages contain SSD servers and application of the latest technologies. 

They promise utmost security, daily malware detection and its removal. They fix offline sites free of charge. WPX prevents DDOS attacks and thus secures WordPress websites. Daily backups and on-demand backups are two other charming features for you.


Customers immensely praise WPX essentially for its caring support. A rare 30 second response time is indeed tempting for anyone. Their expert developer team completely transfers the website within 24 hours. You may instantly contact them via live chat, email and phone calls. On top of everything, 30 day money back guarantee keeps you at ease.

Go on board with WPX


Dreamhost managed wordpress hosting

Dreamhost tops the list in case you are in the pursuit of a fully managed WordPress hosting. It has gained unprecedented popularity because of fast speed along with security. They have earned a name for the best hosting provider with a bunch of impressive features and services. Dreamhost has mastered 18 years of experience in hosting service. This lengthy experience has contributed to their immaculate capacity in finding out the issues and solving them at the same time. Let’s dig into the features at offer.


  • Free SSL certificate accompanies all hosting plans
  • Unlimited email and free WordPress automated migration
  • Unlimited CDN and jetpack professional available
  • Unmetered bandwidth and WP website builder
  • Automatic WordPress updates and on-demand backups
  • Highly customized control panel

Pricing and Plans:

Depending on customer demand and business types, Dreamhost has arranged three different categories of managed hosting plans. 

DreamPress: DreamPress begins from 16.95 USD per month and it is exclusively outlined to position you firmly in the online business world. It brings in 30 GB SSD storage together with unmetered bandwidth. 

DreamPress Plus: DreamPress Plus flawlessly suits a medium size business venture and it starts from 24.95 USD. it supports up to 300k monthly visitors and 60 GB SSD storage. It arranges on demand and a daily backup system. Single click is enough for you to create a sample website. Besides, you enjoy jetpack plugin and unlimited CDN privilege.

DreamPress Pro: DreamPress Pro is absolutely fashioned for high traffic websites and it starts from 71.95 USD. It can accommodate 1 million visitors and gets you 100 GB SSD storage. Moreover, on-demand backups along with jetpack professional plugin excite any large traffic website owner. Unlimited CDN, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email and many other powerful features eases your online journey.


Dreamhost organizes a maximum number of useful features, tools safeguarding stellar performance all the way through. Thanks to their built-in cache in, fast website loading is  never a concern for you. In addition, jetpack plugin substantially accelerates WordPress website speed. Free domain and WP website builder support thrills many online entrepreneurs. 

Dreamhost guarantees automatic WordPress updates. They also install a primary security SSL certificate. CDN facility ensures outstanding website security apart from awe inspiring website speed.


24/7 customer care further elevates Dreamhost status in the eyes of the admirers. They pledge free website migration support if you are currently enjoying hosting service on another platform. You can call for direct assistance via phone calls and live chat. On top of everything, they propose a 30 day money  back guarantee.

Go on board with Dreamhost


inmotion managed WordPress hosting

inmotion has outlined the biggest number of features for WordPress websites within an affordable price. It is a complete hosting platform blending reliability, security and support to the maximum extent. A bunch of theme, plugin and marketing tools ensues all of their hosting packages. They guarantee 10x faster managed WordPress hosting service for your website. Apart from these privileges, they provide dedicated IP and a cluster of impressive deals. 

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  • Free SSL and domain
  • DDoS protection and available on-demand backups
  • Innumerable marketing tools and website builder
  • Free server management support
  • Dedicated IP address
  • 90 day money back guarantee

Pricing and Plans:

WordPress enjoys four popular packages from inmotion. 

WP-1000S: WP-1000S package suits any small businesses and blogs. You can have it at 6.99 USD. This plan hosts a website and avails a free domain together with an SSL. Moreover, it facilitates 20k monthly traffic and brings in 50 GB SSD storage. 

WP-2000S:  This is actually an exclusive package for just any business or blog. The price starts from 9.99 USD hosting two websites with 6x faster speed. Unlimited email account creation along with 100 GB SSD storage blows many minds. Security suits and unconventional marketing elements really take your online business into the next level. Jetpack personal plugin also comes with it.

WP-3000S: Growing business websites will find a perfect den in it. It hosts three websites and facilitates 8x faster speed. You can get it at 12.99 USD. They propose 150 GB SSD storage and 125k monthly visitor capacity. It in fact includes all basic features. 

WP-4000S: If you are looking for stellar website performance, this is where you become careful enough to look into. The price gets off from 19.99 USD. It hosts six websites and offers free domain, free SSL and unlimited email accounts. Jetpack professional along with 200 GB SSD storage uncovers many previously unknown business prospects.


Complete SSD storage and unlimited MYSQL database propels inmotion success in the hosting world. Their hosting is supported with PHP 7 and advanced server cache in. A fine synthesis between jetpack and CDN accelerates website speed to an incomparable stage. Automatic WordPress theme and plugin update is another of their mind blowing services. 

Free SSL and superior protection against hacking and malware attacks steps up their commitment. Their security safeguards the website from spam emails and threats.


A highly efficient WordPress developer team backs you up with 24/7 support.  Site migration and hosting installation services are performed in a super fast way. Daily and on-demand backups further pacifies your needs. They also ensure free server management support. 

Go on board with inmotion

Liquid Web:

Liquid web managed WordPress hosting

Liquid Web has been running managed WordPress hosting services for a pretty long time. Liquid Web is powered by Nexcess and it is highly recommended for online stores and blog sites. If you are really after the fastest website, then their expertise and configuration regarding Nginx, PHP 7 and image compression will immensely assist you. You need not worry about automatic plugin updates as they are quite serious about it. They use cloud platform for the best performance. We have picked the top three packages from the 7 offers at hand.  


  • Free SSL 
  • Cloudflare platform and own datacenter
  • 14 days free trial
  • Unmetered page view and limitless traffic
  • Automatic plugins update

Plans and Pricing:

Spark:Their basic plan Spark begins from 19 USD per month. It hosts one website and avails 15 GB storage. Besides, it allows two TB bandwidth and unlimited email accounts.

Maker: Maker costs 79 USD and it accommodates five websites. Beaver page builder, 3 TB bandwidth and 40 GB storage gets you going a long way. It facilitates 30 day backups. Any large eCommerce store will find it perfectly suitable. 

Designer: Designer asks for 109 USD per month and it hosts 10 websites. You enjoy 60 GB storage, beaver builder and unlimited email accounts. High search volume websites can comfortably have a shelter in this package.


Liquid Web charges no hidden fees. More interestingly, they do not impose page view or traffic limitation upon your website. They supply you with full database and server access. A personal data center further enriches their service. Staging option polishes the website before going live. You will get to know all the privileges of modern technologies along with image compression. Site security tops their estimation and basic security springs from their SSL support. They provide SSL for each of your websites so that there arises no complications regarding SSL configuration.


You can set up contact via phone calls, emails and chat 24/7.  Liquid Web migrates the website for free. Daily backup is another of the perks for you together with developer tools. An immediate assistance arrives by your side upon any threat or down issue.

Go on board with Liquid Web

WP engine:

WP engine managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine appears to be the utmost choice in case you are badly in need of a top class managed WordPress hosting service. They are highly regarded for high website speed and this quality has ensured a permanent spot for them in customer’s mind. Automatic WordPress core update keeps your site updated with the current verison. In line of their costly packages, they introduce a bunch of premium features to solidify your online journey. 


  • Free CDN & free SSL
  • Daily backups
  • Single click staging
  • 35 Genesis framework free themes
  • Global CDN network
  • Geo target and smart plugin manager

Pricing and Plans:

Three categories of plans get you closer to WP Engine deals. 

Startup: Basic blog and online stores will suffice their requirements with Startup. It starts from 25 USD and contains 10 GB storage. It covers 50 GB bandwidth and 25k visitors per month. You can host one website on it. 


Growth costs 95.83 USD and suits any growing as well as aspiring website. You get 20 GB storage, 100 k visitors and 200 GB bandwidth. It accommodates 10 websites at a time. 


Scale backs up high traffic websites and it commences from 241.67 USD per month. It entertains 400k visitors and 5oo GB bandwidth. You may maintain 30 websites and enjoy 50 GB storage. Global CDN supported Scale opens up a new horizon.


WP engine is genuinely built for extreme performance. Their combined hosting package together with Genesis framework completely removes website speed related concerns. They have outlined all the latest and modern technologies for WordPress CMS. You can comfortably set up the website with the hosting and run it. A global CDN tremendously accelerates website speed paving way to an outstanding customer experience.

Free SSL is a primary initiation towards improved basic security. They prevent 2 million+ online attacks per day and hold an excellent reputation in this respect. 


Free and smart site migration mechanism amazes most of their customers. A single click leads to automatic site migration. Apart from email and chat options, they avail you of 24 hour phone call privilege. Their support team also helps with ownership transfer issues.

Go on board with WP engine

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