How to Create a Blog on WordPress With 15 Minutes

How to Create a Blog on WordPress

This is how you set up a blog…

The first blog poses a real challenge to you with its essentially awe inspiring feelings. You know by your heart that people are supposed to go through the article and very often share it. It brings you a kind of authentic feeling of pride that only a writer can match with.

Here, Theme Feature has laid out the groundwork for you providing nuanced details on how you can easily create and post a blog.

In fact, the technical aspect of blogging is quite a routine work. Have a look on this checklist and begin your journey.

  1. Set out for a workable domain name and register it.
  2. Choose a suitable platform which is usually WordPress.
  3. Sign up for a blog hosting account and Bluehost is the best.
  4. Install WordPress.
  5. Now, you need a WordPress blogging theme.
  6. Install a bunch of WordPress plugins.
  7. Configure your site and refine the blog settings.
  8. Generate an article and publish the first blog

None of the above mentioned measures calls for drastic technical knowledge and we are here to walk you through each of these steps in detail. As your blog starts sailing through, you will have to fine tune its functionality from time to time. We will show you those techniques as well.

Choose the perfect domain name for the blog:

More often than not purchasing a domain name is driven by analysis. It usually does not reflect your whim or someone else’s wishful thinking. There lies deep thinking and resourceful data research behind a domain name with a clear view forward.

Hosting the blog:

Other internet users can have access to your blog thanks to the web hosting service. Your uniquely effective blog will never receive any visitor in absence of a domain and web hosting service to power it through the internet. These two services are inevitably intertwined. You can select your required service from a number of web hosting companies 

Selecting a blogging platform:

An imperfect choice in terms of the blogging platform can have a chilling effect upon a beginner’s web dreams. We are here to glide you through this step so that none of that sort of mistake takes place. Unquestionably, 95% of users will benefit from more than  that of any other blogging platform. It is also known as self-hosted WordPress as it is easy to use and free. Moreover, you have the liberty of installing plugins, configuring the blog layout and making money out of the blog barring restrictions. 


Step 1: Buy a domain name and hosting

If you want a worldwide reader of your blog, you need two services:

Hosting: This is in fact an engine that grants your website to operate on the world stage. You do not get to see but experience its existence. Host enables your blog on the internet platform.

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