15 Best Shopify Minimal Themes In 2021

Shopify Minimal Themes

Shopify minimal themes are the latest path to follow. In short, a Shopify or eCommerce store requires a number of relevant features for smooth day to day operations.

However, redundant elements could tremendously backfire your cause by multiplying bounce rates along the way. Excessive elements on the website can genuinely complicate user experience and thus it can trigger skyrocketing bounce rates.

In this light, minimal themes make sure of a simpler design with all necessary tools right by your side. You really want to deliver a one of a kind shopping experience to your customers. A clean design will pave the way to that goal of yours. 

In truth, minimalist design does not boil down to a lot of white spaces and fewer elements only. The theme design upholds most basic features and casts away extravagant sections.

As a result, a minimal Shopify theme does not promise a one size fit all solution. Rather, it requires your careful inspection among a sea of choices to find the most suitable minimal theme that fulfills your website specifications. Our experts have elbowed their way into the top Shopify minimal themes keeping each of your online business concerns in mind.

This collection of best Shopify minimal templates will suffice your demands to the brim.



Uniqlo Features:

  • Shipping Calculator
  • Preloader
  • Multi Layout
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Quick View
  • Mega Menu

UI/UX design is an impressive aspect of a minimal theme. Uniqlo is a modern design Shopify minimal theme that allows your website plenty of white space. Product image and content does not come to a collision course and becomes super transparent as it is a minimal theme.

It has brought you ten attractive homepage layouts for your eCommerce store. It contains an outstanding mega menu to give you a smooth site navigation from the very beginning. You can add new, featured and top selling products in the slideshow.

List view, single product view, quick view and grid view options are available. It has a shipping calculator. They promise you one of a kind customer hospitality.

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Kardone - Shopify Minimal Theme


  • Parallax Effects
  • Ajax Cart
  • Product Quickview
  • Mega Menu
  • Sorting Options
  • Product Carousel

You are in fact lagging behind the latest trends if your website is not developed in a minimal design. Kardone is one of the top premium minimal Shopify themes. The combination of white background and black font cannot but take anyone’s breath. 

Visual builder helps you outline an individual page in unique ways. It brings in both slider feature and parallax effects. This is genuinely a lightweight and SEO friendly theme. Moreover, it is especially outlined for small screen users. The collection page can be decorated in Grid, List, Grid with Sidebar and List with Sidebar options.

Kardone Shopify minimal theme introduces product quickview feature that helps you display product details in short. Modern blog layout and extensive footer section are two other outstanding privileges. They have ensured 24/7 customer support.

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Airi Shopify Minimal Theme

Airi Shopify Minimal Theme Features:

  • MegaMenu With Image
  • Ajax Popup
  • Product Video
  • Breadcrumb banner
  • Revolution Slider
  • Shopify Builder

Demand for minimal themes is on an ever increasing path with the rise in customer interest. Airi minimal theme has come to provide the best shopping experience to the customers. It has clean looking 24 homepage layouts for you.

In short, this is an ideal theme for dropshipping business. This is an RTL supported theme. Airi is highly SEO optimized and they have included both box and width layouts. There are 20+ sliders and 6+ footers. Most importantly, it is a product video compatible theme.

Customers will enjoy its review and testimonial sections. Mega menu with image is a gorgeous feature of it. Quickview option lets the visitors see the products details at a single click. They are 24/7 ready to support your online business.

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Fastest Theme

 Fastest Theme  Features:

  • Quick View
  • Pop Filter
  • Navigation Sidebar
  • Oberlo Supported
  • Shipping Calculator
  • RTL Supported
  • Super Responsive Wishlist

There are a number of exclusive features in Fatest Shopify minimal theme that you will barely find in other themes. Sticky cart option is a rare option in just any template and it is one of the most attractive segments of this theme.

Delivering fast browsing experience to the users is the ultimate goal of Fastest. It demonstrates top speed in both GTMetrix and Google Speed tests. Product images are normally displayed in different sizes. However, Fastest adjusts all images to a single size. They also have a shipping calculator.

Interestingly, it is an Oberlo supported theme. This is 100 percent responsive and it brings you multi-header as well as footer. Beautiful zoom option allows a close look of any product. Fastest theme also has a product size chart on offer. Moreover, you will find thousands of highly necessary features required for a smooth operation of a eCommerce website. We bet you do not want to miss its demo version.

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Diva Shopify Theme

Diva Shopify Theme Features:

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Mega Menu
  • Product Slider
  • Fast Performance
  • Currency Converter
  • Shopify Page Builder

Diva is a modern design and highly customizable responsive Shopify theme. The vitality of the term ‘MINIMAL’ has genuinely been illustrated in Diva. it has a highly engaging product countdown section and will tremendously increase your product sale conversion.

You can upload a lot of products within seconds thanks to Oberlo support. Besides, they strictly follow the European Union GDPR rules. It has 10+ built-in homepage layouts containing a huge chunk of white space. They have eye catching header options for making the website highly attractive.

This is a mobile optimized theme containing 5+ mega menus. You will enjoy its unlimited color along with the product filter. Drag and drop page builder has turned the customization process very easy. They have established the best customer support for you.

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Payna Minimal  Shopify Theme

Payna Minimal  Shopify Theme Features:

  • Product Share Icons
  • Breadcrumb Banner
  • Ajax Wishlist
  • Redirect Add To Cart
  • Related Product

Payna is a recently published and cleanly designed Shopify minimal theme. It is highly recommended for any eCommerce website. They have different layouts for shops and products. Its customization goes super smooth.

There are 19+ built in homepage layouts. You will enjoy a lot of header variations as they have brought 14 header styles. Breadcrumb banner is useful for a specific category of product. It is genuinely an ideal choice for dropshipping and affiliation business.

It is supported with disqus comments and Shopify builder. Product share icons make sure that you can share the products on social platforms. You can also show a list of related products below a searched item. They have excellent customer service.

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Brooklyn Clean Shopify Theme

Brooklyn Clean Shopify Theme Features:

  • Header Slideshow
  • Slide-Out Cart
  • Video Supported
  • Attractive Social Icon
  • Color Palettes

Brooklyn is a theme produced by Shopify itself and is suitable for modern apparel stores. Classic and playful are two basic layouts on offer. Header slider is the prime attraction of this theme as it almost instantly captures the eyes of the visitors.

This theme has come to the market in order to ensure maximum output from your mobile users. Add to cart option on the mobile header has given it a certain uniqueness. Homepage hero banner helps you to transfer or move your visitor to a specific product page.

Customers can add products without leaving the page thanks to the slide cart. You can show YouTube or Vimeo videos on the front or central section of the homepage. It has an eye catching and professional footer. You must not overlook its demo version.

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Warehouse Ecommerce  Shopify  Theme

Warehouse Ecommerce  Shopify  Theme Features:

  • Predictive search
  • Exit popup
  • Trust badges
  • promotion tiles
  • Mobile-friendly design

If your eCommerce store is set up on Shopify platform with a minimal design theme, you will stay far ahead of your fellow competitors. Warehouse Shopify theme could be a top choice for you in this respect.

In fact, it is very suitable for medium as well as large catalog websites. Visitors can trace their desired product using its live search feature. It has a magnificent exit popup inspiring your visitors to sign up with their emails. There are a number of dedicated trust badges which will be helpful for you to garner customer trust.

Special promotion tiles help you conduct promotion or featuring of any product or event. This is a 100% responsive design and SEO friendly theme. They have established wonderful customer service for you.

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Anon Transparent  Shopify Theme

Anon Transparent  Shopify Theme Features:

  • Ajax Filter
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Instant Search
  • Age Verification
  • Hover Product Effects
  • Product Zooming Options

Anon Shopify theme is developed by Shopify elite author team, CleverSoft. They have immensely emphasized on the requirements of eCommerce stores and have come up with 11+ homepage layouts. Thanks to CleverSoft as they have mostly dwelled on mobile optimization.

It has a built in ajax filter that helps your customers meet their demands. You do not need to seek third party support as it has a built in mega menu. Ajax canvas cart option is a wonderful aspect of this theme and it assists your visitors to add or delete a product.

Shipping calculator multiplies your sales conversion. Despite being an eCommerce theme, they have allowed ample opportunity for professional blogging. It contains a stunning product hovering effect. Your customers can enjoy a 360 angle view of a product. You will enjoy its reliable 24/7 customer care.

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Responsive Theme Motion

Feature List:

  • Animated Content
  • Quick view
  • Advanced Product Filtering
  • Search engine optimization
  • AutoPlay Video Supported

Perfect application of motion and video elements is of immense vitality in contemporary websites. The liveliness of the website greatly depends upon it. Motion Shopify minimalist theme is highly compatible with animation and video contents.

Auto play video is a powerful feature of this theme and you can set it on any section of the homepage. It allows you to extract videos from YouTube and Vimeo platforms. Its advanced product filtering option gets the customer to their desired product without leaving the page. This theme is supportive of  multi-brand and high resolution images. Its maintenance goes super easy.

So, the website owner can attend to other important functions. Moreover, it does not call for any coding skills whatsoever. They cordially invite you to take a glance on its demo version.

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Cascade Themes

Core Features:

  • Product description design
  • Showing off products
  • Smart adaptation
  • Quick Navigation
  • Multi-column menu
  • Color schemes

Cascade theme really prioritizes extensive support. It is filled with premium plugins. This masonry style theme has an excellent combination of texts and images.

So, let’s dig into masonry style. It simply maximizes the prudent use of space by slashing down fruitless gaps. This is a column based grid layout that allows little to no unused space and guarantees the largest collection of images on a specific page. It introduces smart adaptation which adjusts an image in portrait, landscape and square formats.

Multi-column menu makes website navigation smooth for a user. They have really surpassed all competitors in terms of color use. Each section of the website can be color customized. They give wonderful customer service.

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Primary Theme

Primary Features:

  • Versatile sidebar
  • Testimonials
  • Grid-style layout
  • Quick link
  • SEO Friendly Design
  • Drop-down navigation

Kingdom is an image focused Shopify minimalist theme. It has three distinct minimal layouts for your website. A proper use of sidebars has propelled its popularity.

All menu, signature buttons and card options reside in the sidebar and it helps place more focus on the products. Your customers will experience something novel shopping on your online store. You can display featured products, posts and discount offers in grid style.

There is a separate section dedicated to customer testimonials only. You may use additional texts and images on single product pages. Kingdom has ensured Shopify flexibility along with superb customer support.

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Superstore Shopify Themes


  • Ultra-powerful navigation
  • Quick Search
  • Highlight Banner Section
  • Fast Filtering

If you need a website with a high volume of products together with fast loading quality, Superstore should be your top priority. This a genuinely minimal design Shopify theme that immensely emphasizes on amazing website layout. 

A superb combination of speed and performance defines this theme. Predictive live search option serves your customers with quick search outputs. Page to page navigation goes easy peasy with Superstore. Ajax technology filters the products and gives your costumes rapid search results. So, they can swiftly reach their products.

It is designed and developed in a mobile friendly manner. Any discount, featured products and promotions can be presented in an eye catching way. Moreover, its SEO friendly feature allows extra privileges in Google ranking. Website design and content will be treated in a professionally balanced way. Theme editor grants all types of edits and customizations without coding knowledge. You will receive maximum customer support from them.

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